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The Fine Art of Overcoming Major Obstacles

Rebuilding cannot happen unless something is destroyed first. The literal definition is to “build again after it has been damaged or destroyed.” There are a lot of heavy things that come with rebuilding: pain, joy, anger, even peace. But, the opportunity is ripe. It means you get to choose exactly what you construct and who […]

I Stopped Working Out to Lose Weight—and Feel Happier Than Ever

“Oh, you’re not fat—you’re just big-boned!” It’s a phrase I’ve heard my entire life from well-meaning friends, family, and strangers. But when they refer to my robust 5’10″ frame as “big-boned” and “curvaceous,” I can’t help but hear the word “fat,” even though they’re not saying it outright. Throughout my pre-teen and teenage years, these […]

What an Ideal 500-Calorie Dinner Looks Like

A healthy dinner should be hearty, satisfying and balanced, without going overboard on calories. Here are four tasty dinner ideas that check in right at 500 calories to get you started: Go Back See All Slides Begin Slideshow 1 of Begin Slideshow Click Arrows Above 2 of 3 of 4 of var mobile_slides = []; […]

Spaghetti Squash, Five Ways

Behold, the spaghetti squash, that thick-skinned, oblong-ish gourd overflowing bins at your supermarket these days. Unlike it’s more popular squash relatives, spaghetti squash doesn’t have a smooth, creamy texture. Instead, the cooked flesh is stringy like long pasta, hence the name. It’s delicious, packed with fiber and low in calories — but cooking it into […]

Stretches to Open Your Shoulders | 5-Pose Yoga Fix

The average human head weighs 12–15 pounds — hat tip to the kid from “Jerry Maguire” — and the typical workday tapping on a computer or phone draws our focus and our head forward so we can look down. As that happens, the upper trapezius, shoulders and neck lengthen and tense to support the weight […]

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