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7 Quick-Packing Picnic Tips

There are a few months out of the year when that mountain vista, grassy knoll, local park bench and rooftop make suitable dining rooms. The next time you have the romantic (and relaxing!) urge to “eat out,” don’t reach for a bucket of greasy fried chicken or limp grocery store sandwiches. With these healthy, easy-to-make, […]

Could Cocktails be Drowning Your Progress?

Barbecues, happy hours, weddings, birthdays, the upcoming holidays — occasions for drinking never seem to end. While alcohol in moderation seems to be OK, there’s a point when it could be getting in the way of results — and that point is likely more subtle than you think. Obviously, too many drinks — in a […]

How to Store Summer Fruits and Vegetables

So, you’ve succumbed to the bounty of summer, filled your arms, baskets, countertops and refrigerator with the colors of the rainbow — all the fruits, vegetables and herbs that are filling the market right now. And it tastes so good, doesn’t it? The hardest part about this cornucopia of deliciousness is keeping it all fresh […]

The Truth About Corn

Once upon a time, nothing seemed more wholesome than fresh, sweet summer corn. Delicious, affordable and ubiquitous, it’s a crowd-pleaser that’s easy to prepare. Then came the low-carb revolution, and the notion that those delectable kernels are actually the devil in disguise. But now, the sentiment is starting to change as we realize corn doesn’t […]

6 Ways to Get Motivated This Summer

Taking vacations, fancying lazy summer days and choosing a beach day over a long run causes motivation to wane this time of year. To combat these fitness de-motivators, take action steps to whip yourself back into shape. If you fit into any of these six categories, these suggestions can help motivate you to lace up […]

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