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One Year Logged and 9 More Non-Scale Victories by MyFitnessPal Users

Our MyFitnessPal users inspire us every day by achieving personal goals that go beyond a number on a scale. From fitness accomplishments to different sized clothes, here are a few non-scale victories users shared on the MyFitnessPal Facebook page: 1. Crushing the Detroit marathon in horrendous wind 2. Finding motivation even through the storm 3. […]

23 Yoga Styles, Decoded

Today, there are so many teachers and styles of yoga, the odds of finding one you like are as likely as finding a pizza shop in New York. Whether you want to sweat, unwind or get in touch with your inner light, there’s a yoga class to suit you. Before you make a decision, try […]

3 Things You Need to do for a Better Night’s Sleep

If you find you are more often tired than not, you probably need a bedtime routine. Maybe you meant to start one but felt you didn’t have the time or it was too restrictive. However, creating a simple routine will help you sleep better and also benefit your overall health. “Failure to break bad sleep […]

Outrunning Addiction: How a Challenge From Brian’s Sister Helped Him Kick Cigarettes

At 38 years old, Brian Bender was smoking a half-pack of cigarettes a day, as he had been doing for 22 years. While Bender was a runner in his younger years, his life had recently veered toward a more sedentary pattern, and he hadn’t run a single mile in more than a decade. Then, on […]

Trainers Favorite … Exercises

There are hundreds, possibly thousands, of exercises to do at the gym, it’s hard to know where to start. We asked members of Under Armour’s training team to clue us in to their favorites. My personal pick is the TRX lunge. Stand facing away from the anchor point, with the TRX at mid-calf height, and […]

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