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Boost Your Workout with Ropes

Rope training is one of the fastest-growing trends in fitness. It requires stamina, strength and power, making it an ideal alternative if you’re looking to move beyond traditional weight training techniques. There are many benefits to this interval-based, upper-body exercise. “Many people believe that, as an endurance athlete, every exercise you do must be long […]

6 Ways to Master the Art of Willpower

Life continuously tests our willpower. It’s inevitable: On Day 1 of your diet, you walk into work to find a plate of fresh chocolate cream donuts from your favorite bakery staring at you. Your half-marathon is quickly approaching, and you haven’t mustered the motivation to begin your training program. You’ve been meaning to quit smoking […]

You Don’t Need to be a Strongman to Train Like One

Similar to “American Ninja Warrior” and the obstacle-based fitness trend it spawned, strongman training first started as a hit TV show strictly for our own entertainment. In 1977, CBS aired the first edition of a contest called “World’s Strongest Man,” where participants — a mix of bodybuilders, weightlifters, football players and the like — literally […]

Meet Your Lower-Calorie Ice Cream Alternative: Semifreddo

There’s something about homemade ice cream that’s just special: the texture, the flavor, the timeworn process of watching the cream churn and the surprise when you pull it from the freezer a few hours later. But don’t forget the mess or the sometimes-confusing egg-cooking technique and the occasional surprise when you realize something went wrong. […]

200 Days Logged & 19 Other Non-Scale Victories by MyFitnessPal Users

MyFitnessPal users totally crushed it this week. From reaching 200 days logged to saying no to break room treats, you really stuck to your goals in the face of temptation. Here are a few non-scale victories users shared on the MyFitnessPal Facebook page this week: 1. Spreading the good “workout buddy” karma 2. Proving that […]

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