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Master the Move | The Pullup

The pullup is one of the most difficult bodyweight exercises. Pullups require back strength, not big biceps. Most people tend to be stronger on the front of their body (Think: chest, abs and quads) and weaker in back. To stay functionally balanced and strong, we also need the requisite strength on the backside. This equates […]

Three Great Dinner Salads

When summer temperatures rise, you want to eat refreshing, filling meals that keep you cool. Enter the delicious, nutritious, satisfying meal-sized dinner salad. With some pre-planning, a beautiful, healthy dinner salad can be yours. Any combination of fresh, in-season produce can be paired with lean proteins and healthy whole-grains to make a salad a meal […]

What Does Economics Have to Do with Weight Loss?

We have goals galore: Read more of this … Do more of that … Go to yoga once a week … Be healthier … Lose weight … The list goes on. A 2008 Gallup poll found that roughly 59% of Americans want to lose weight — a figure that’s unchanged since 2001. However, Americans actually […]

Eat Like a Trainer: 8 Trainer-Approved Breakfast Recipes

Talk to most trainers, and it seems they are up at the crack of dawn, work all day with clients, work out themselves, and then often have business, family, friends and personal matters to address. It’s a lot, and they check every item off their list with energy to spare. What gives them that go-go-go […]

The Case Against Diet Soda | Ask the Dietitian

We’re back with yet more of your questions about nutrition, weight loss and more. This week’s edition centers on a polarizing topic: sugar and artificial sweeteners. Read on! As it turns out, America’s favorite diet sodas might not be so diet-friendly. Quite the opposite, in fact: More and more research is finding artificial sweeteners (most […]

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