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Color Thy Lunchbox for a Nutrient Boost

After summer’s fresh and delicious adventures and flavors, it’s understandable the standard old sandwich in a paper bag that signifies the return of fall’s routines might seem boring — the bright colors and vibrant flavors of the season’s past get lost between two pieces of bread. But lunch on the go doesn’t need to be […]

5 Tips for Healthy(ish) Tailgating

Few fall rituals offer as much fun — and temptation — as tailgating. For some, the festivities even eclipse the game itself and serve as a much-needed opportunity to reconnect with family, friends and fellow football fans not seen since last winter. Of course, it’s a great way to wreck the work you’ve put in […]

On Inspiration, Motivation and the Drive to Succeed

At MyFitnessPal, we love to celebrate major milestones — from major weight loss to major non-scale victories — what our community accomplishes is no easy feat. Success is all around us, and it’s usually sparked by a pivotal moment. We’ve asked our Under Armour ambassadors to share their journeys, inspiration and driving forces. We hope […]

5 Tips to Hack Your Meal Prep

When you’re loading up the calendar with workouts, family time, friend events and work projects, it’s likely that “make delicious, healthy meals” tumbles too easily down the to-do list. While there are some good grab-and-go options, let’s face it: There are only so many prepared salads and protein bars you can eat before they get […]

Yoga Stretches for Healthy Hips | Five-Pose Yoga Fix

Desk jockeys and jocks, rejoice. If you log hours at the office, run, bike or walk, you probably have tight hip flexors — the muscle responsible for lifting the leg, drawing the knee to the chest and moving you front to back and side to side. You know, all the things you want your legs […]

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